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প্রকাশিত: ০১. অক্টোবর. ২০২০ | বৃহস্পতিবার

(Kudos to Honourable Prime Minister)

Kajal Deb

Once we’re about to be ruined, about to forget dreaming,
Had nightmares after going through the horror days;
Had a besmirched canvas with stain of blood ,
Though, there’s a land but without thoroughfares,
light enough but none was there to show
Amogest the crowd of millions,the night-long wailing of masses
You came maintaining your oneness,
differentiated yourself with real style and individuality,
Sometimes you are to spend sleepless nights
But behave with the utmost propriety,
move tough through the ups and downs;
hold the rig of dreams with iron hand so that nothing can slip
And remain fully quiet with sanctitude
The yacht that you drive will never sink from your hand
As you have nothing to lose,
nothing to be scared ,
nothing more important than that of your country
and can deviate you from the oaths of allegiance to your people
So, you stand firm despite multifarious hurdles
Ignoring hundreds of barriers still you are unswerving
on and on, black ravens emerge from the fog,
And try to make your life jeopardized ,
But you never take into account
A tale of wickedness and depravity makes you harder,
You voice vehemently in need of the people,
Search the covetable truth without lowering your sky
And paint a colourful scene standing on the flame-retardant of wreckage
Now the words that you deliver turn into strength for many
And reverberate around the earth ,
Love for people is a congenital trait that you have inherited
Really you are acclaimed much by your utter different deeds,
by your considerable success,
Now you have become the aegis of many,
won the confidence of many,
and being the symbol of the leading exemplar of new philosophy,
shown desired-path who have lost ,
And framed the people who are deformed .

এই সংবাদটি পড়া হয়েছে ১১১ বার

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October 2020