» Spread of coronavirus in the tea estates

প্রকাশিত: ২৭. মার্চ. ২০২০ | শুক্রবার

Swapan Kumar Singh Specialcorrespondent :

No awareness program was found in the tea estates in various parts of the tea industrial areas.
No glove , mask was in given to the tea labourers.
No social distance is maintained in various parts of the tea industrial areas.
one metre distance during weighment is followed.
No plucker plucks in one bush and therefore social distancing isn’t maintained during plucking.
No social distancing during lunch is found.
No soap/sanitizer in the green leaf weighment area including lunch area is given.
No social distancing during disbursement of wages.
No social distancing while carrying tea leaves.
No ppe was yet given to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

These are the pictures of Mirtinga tea estate at where tea labourers plucking tea leaves very closely. Those pictures were taken from Kamalganj upazila tomorrow

এই সংবাদটি পড়া হয়েছে ২৮৪ বার

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