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প্রকাশিত: ১৫. আগস্ট. ২০২০ | শনিবার

(Dedicated to Father of the nation Banghabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Raman)

Kajal deb

This is the story of a poet
Who led his life in a very simplistic way, borrowed colour from the nature,
from the mountain top to canyons,
wore down all complicated tales of woe,
His face too was so open and guileless;
And longed for a metaphorical world free from all disparities,

He composed many verses with adroit touch,
dreamed for long to sort out the words,
Penned a manuscript where he settled up the best story
Kept himself awake nights with worry for a suitable script
Himself was toil-stricken and truncated thousand times
Despite all negations, he never said-die

As there was no legendary paladin,
no poem-making dervishes
who could soliloquise the plot of poetic thoughts,
Only some characters voicing unspoken memories;
repeating phrases and exchanging salvos of opaque dialogue;
And was a colourless barren field,
no sign of dreams that could make all understand to be unshackled,
no scope to sow the seeds of hope,

Almost singly he took the road,
And other side of the craggiest thoroughfare,he enquired about a piece of land;
Even walked through the roughest lane to find a canvas,
where he painted his pains in an artistic view,
Illustrated an ocean with full-color photograghs;
And tried to shelve everything as per his dreams

He chose green, pink and golden hue to decorate his yard,
sacrificed all his colourful days,
Endured intense ups and downs
Suddenly lights flickered and made everything black and white,
His writing was put an end
Canvas where he was drawing remained unfinished,
he is alive, his roomy voice is heard in-the- wind
His poems too are chanting with becoming manner
And a flash of lightening illuminates his never-fading face.

এই সংবাদটি পড়া হয়েছে ২১০ বার

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October 2020