When Colleague is My Boss

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When Colleague is My Boss

Md. Osman Farhan Al Harun

Office is a place where many people work together in different sections with particular job responsibilities. When an employee joins in a new organization as a fresher, s/he tries to adjust with the office environment, especially with the colleagues. It’s a very challenging period to cope with new system, peers, bosses, work load, new routine and what not?
Colleagues are the persons with whom every employee needs to adjust in professional life. In fact, these people can be mentor, sometimes friends, even great well-wishers of life. But if there is jealousy and politics in any relationship, particularly among group of peers, it is good enough to destroy an organization. It is important to keep in mind that jealousy and conspiracy can ruin the career of a person as well as mental peace. Usually, Bangladeshi people are famous for this poisonous characteristic i.e. jealousy for which we are not used to tolerate the progress of others as far as bright career is concerned.
Kamelia joined a company with a hope to build her career. She is pretty and smart in approach. Anderson is her senior colleague who tried to assist her to inform the new office culture, rules and regulations from the very first day. Gradually, both Anderson and Kamelia became good friends that was noticed by their boss Mr. Robin. On the other hand, Kamelia was eager to get better position for which she was, to some extent, jealous of Anderson and tried her best to please her boss. When Anderson has noticed that Kamelia is getting popular and getting better position, the conflict starts among the colleagues hampering the official relationship, functions as well. It is very natural that employees serving in the similar position of an office can’t easily tolerate the superiority of the peer all of a sudden. It can happen due to jealousy, again inferiority complex like a junior brother of a society is hard to tolerate as senior one within short notice.
When colleagues possessing similar status turns into a boss, many consider the issue as a miracle, again, a shock. It is noteworthy that every boss holds his position with serious challenges and threats. He or she naturally develops some sense of ‘duties and responsibilities’ while managing a team or a group of people. As a result, when a boss expects accountability from his subordinates who might be like friends few days ago in similar position faces some adverse response. Peers, first of all, laugh at the new boss for his commands, even avoid him/ her in many ways. The grim truth is that an organization can’t be a place for Tom and Jerry show. As we enjoy in the cartoons, sometimes Tom is bound to make Jerry its friend for own sake.
Usually, the clever bosses are diplomatic and can tackle their subordinates tactfully with cool head and smile. Probably, the best bosses are those who can manage their subordinates by striking personality with intellect. Therefore, new bosses try to manage their employees with new challenges that are very crucial and significant. Because, due to lack of experience, new bosses sometimes fail to understand the mentality of their subordinates creating a distance in professional relationship. ‘Bossing’ attitude sometimes turns into suppression that makes the situation even worse. It is also not wise to share a person’s every detail with colleagues, esp. about personal life. It reveals the strengths and weaknesses of a person; subsequently, the boss tries to judge his employees based on their characteristics instead of their talent as well as potentiality.
Those who want to be successful as bosses should praise their colleagues for their credit and achievements. It is also required to guide the juniors in case of failure. Creating a friendly relationship among seniors and juniors can ensure the congenial atmosphere leading to ultimate growth of the organization. The pre-requisite of peer relationship is, thus, creating mutual understanding rather than exercising power and other audacity mentioned earlier.

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December 2020