179th Monipuri Raslila  Celebrated in Madhabpur

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179th Monipuri Raslila  Celebrated in Madhabpur
Swapan Kumar Singh:
Raslila, the largest religious cultural  festival of the ethnic  Manipuri community of Sylhet Division was celebrated in  the full moon of Kartik in  every year at the mandops of Madhabpur
and Adampur Sanathakur in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district on November 19, 2021.
Thousands of women, men, children, teenagers, poets, journalists, domestic and foreign tourists  visit  from all over the country to enjoy the festival of Radhakrishna’s romance overnight.
Maha Rasilala was held amid colorful arrangements and strict security.
This fair was celebrated  at both places on the occasion of the Rasotas, But for the first time the people of the Maoitai Manipuri community celebrated in two separate places of Adampur.
Strict security measures were taken to make successful the festival in every year . Widespread enthusiasm prevails among the Manipuries. Various programs have been taken on the occasion of Maharaslila,main  religious festival of the Manipuri community. Irrespective of
Race, religion & colour visit in the festival.
Bishnupriya Manipuris was celebrate the 179th anniversary of the Manipuri Maharasalila Seva Sangha at Madhabpur Shibbazar  and the Rasopooj festival committee  of Maitoi Monipuries arranged  the 35 th anniversary  festival at the Sanathakur Mandap in Tailgoan of Adampur union. Festival  fairs will be held at the both places during the Ras festival. In addition to the people of Manipuri community, thousands of people irrespective of religion, caste will  celebrate the festival.
Thousands of women, men, children, adolescents, poets, writers, journalists, native-foreign tourists, eminent persons and foreigners  come to seek the happiness of Maharattri. Manipuri child dancers will keep devotees, fans and visitors entertained throughout the night.
Both the melodious temples, made of the white paper show the performance of the
spectators by children’s  dancing artists coming from far and wide, keeping the mantra captivating. As the day of the observance draws closer, the attraction of the festival is increasing, as well as the attendance of the visitors at the festival.
This day, surrounded by the inclination of Hindu religion, Shree Krishna and his friend Sakhi Radha  through the sound of laughter, cheer, and shouting, brings a different moods to the people of Kamalganj.
It is to be noted that  the Maharaja of Manipur Bhagcha Chandra being dreamt launched  dancing songs in 1779 .
Most of the successor kings of Raja Bhagchandra  were adept in dance and they also participated in the dance. As a result, there was no difference in the continuation of this culture among the Manipuri community. The tradition of the past has been celebrated  without any distortion in Kamalganj.
It’s a main religious festival of the Manipuri community that is called  the great raslila of Sri Krishna. Today is a different mood than all other days of the year, surrounded by Radha-Krishna Leela (Play )  with the sound of cheerfulness, enthusiasm & melodious.
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