“A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship” is interpreted in Croatian Language

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“A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship” is interpreted in Croatian Language

Md. Anowar Habib Kazal
As a nation we are proud that one of our academic books has been interpreted into Croatian language for their startups.10 youngsters of Croatia were awarded with the book ‘Putovanje prema poduzetnistvu’ who joined a Swiss based project in Croatia organized a Youth Business Camp at Zagreb, Croatia to gain knowledge on entrepreneurship. The book (Putovanje prema poduzetnistvu)is written by Dr. Md. Sabur Khan in Croatian language and published in Croatia last month. It’s a praise worthy recognition for any Bangladeshi writer for interpreting his book in any foreign language especially in academic purpose. Thanks can be extended to Mrs Iva and Mrs Katarina Jagic for their great efforts in this regard.
The book was first published in English titled “Handbook of Entrepreneurship Development”which was unveiled by Hon’ble President of Bangladesh Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid at the inauguration of ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation Expo’ on 6 November, 2013organized by Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) when Dr. Md. Sabur Khan was the president of DCCI.Getting huge response and request by the academicians’and entrepreneurs from home and abroad and to meet the growing demand of the startups Dr. Md. Sabur khan elaborated the book enriching with some more academic features and curriculumnaming it”A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship” and published in English in 2014. Dr. Atiur Rahman, the then Governor of Bangladesh Bank unveiled the cover of the book. For the better cooperation of Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs Dr. Md. Sabur Khan translated the book in Bangla and the book was named ‘Uddokta Unnoyon O Babsay Nirdeshona’ and was published under Scholars Publications. The book was launched by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority Mr. Kazi Aminul Islam as chief guest and Mr. Abul Kashem Khan, President Dhaka Chamber of Commerce as guest of Honour while Dr. Quazi Kholoquzzaman Ahmed, Chairman, Palli Karma Shayak Foundation (PKSF) presided over the program.
The book is anecessary guide for the people who want to become entrepreneurs. The book makes an urgent call for transformation—the transformation of society and social attitude—transformation from job-seeking to job-giving culture, for economic uplift of the nation on a par with SDGs.

The main objective of publishing the book is to persuade our young generation to become entrepreneurs by giving them proper guidelines and information so that they can get suitable mental strength. The book will help our frustrated young generation to decide how they can be entrepreneurs and how they will get finance to start their ventures.

The book is designed especially for the new startups and for those who want to be entrepreneurs. It contains introductory preparation to become successful entrepreneurs, capacity building, how to make business plan, how to get registration, some effective business strategies, DCCI’s support to the upcoming entrepreneurs and success stories. It also contains a detailed description of SME products of 38 Banks and NBFIs.

One of the most important features of the book is that it tells the magnificent stories of some successful businessmen in Bangladesh to encourage the new entrepreneurs. Their success stories show how with determination and proper strategies one can go forward to fulfill the dream in life.
The book reimbursements particular attention to the startups, the new initiatives of business. A favorable environment supported by the national policy is necessary for startups to flourish and sustain. It suggests how startups can attract venture capital and utilize it for laying foundation and expansion of business. There are many models available for the startups to follow. Of special importance is the Blue Ocean Model. It entails a market strategy which focuses on terminating competition by creating new uncontested market space and by capturing new demand. For this, one has to conduct market research, find out the new demand, innovate a suitable idea and turn the idea into a product. But in reality, it is very difficult to start a new business and succeed as there are a lot of risks involved. Often an entrant into business has to start just from scratch. He/she may feel frustrated looking around the complexity of business operations. Can he/she make it at last? He/she needs inspiration. And the best inspiration comes from the dictum: “Every count starts with zero.”
We have to create entrepreneurs, who will provide jobs to others, which ultimately would refresh our economic engine when we are on a course of being a middle-income country. Such an urge has been made by Md. Sabur Khan, who has recently come out with the book A Journey towards Entrepreneurship published by Scholars Publications.

Md. Anowar Habib Kazal
Senior Assistant Director (Public Relations)
Daffodil International University

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