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Soumitra Dev

Water is on the other side of the water
White water blue water black water
Through which a village of Hijl floated away.

The combination of water and hijl is very charming
of this sand island of Haor.

Water men and water women
Aquatic life of aquatic people
created folk-mythology from era to era.

“Chant Hari Hari
Aghan Tagore rides the boat
and will go to Antehari. ”

Aghan Tagore was a pious man
The love of man for which he made
spiritual boat.
He’s not just a man
an ignorant pious man
Who used to protect the food of birds .
Why he became unconscious
we did not find the answer in Antehari,
There are memories only in destitute heart.

Still Water birds fly in the air
Whisper the tale of an ignorant saint.
Riding spiritual boat,
Aghan Tagore used to roam effortlessly in hills and haor.

Yet the men of water have kept this story alive.

I live in the city,
do not believe such gossip.
Yet in my dream at midnight in the village of Hijl
When he calls me softly – Nazia Nazia
I looked at the door to see if anyone had really called
Great APJ Kalam answered the question
Dreaming I can’t sleep anymore.


Translated by Kajal Deb

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