Arrested Helena Jahangir by RAB

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Arrested Helena Jahangir  by RAB

Since the Awami League has been in power in Bangladesh for more than a decade, more than 50 organizations have been formed in line with the name of the party.
The recent launch of a groundbreaking organization called the Awami Chakurijibi League caused widespread criticism in the country and the Awami League was called into question.
In the wake of which the matter came to the notice of the law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh and last Thursday night the Rapid Action Battalion arrested Helena Jahangir, the so-called president of the Awami Employees League, who made her debut, with a large quantity of foreign currency, alcohol and weapons.
Helena Jahangir, who was recently released from the Awami League sub-committee, was arrested by RAB around 12:15 am on Thursday night . RAB executive magistrate Palash Kumar Bose confirmed the information to reporters.
Anis Alamgir, a senior Bangladeshi diplomat, wrote in a Facebook status today (Friday) morning that Helena was taking money to make this ugly woman a leader – after allegations surfaced on social media that she was finally arrested. But for a long time, many have been accusing him of extorting money from them by hiring journalists at home and abroad by showing a fake TV called Jayayatra and giving them extortion licenses. What will be the trial of this arrest?
Anis Alamgir said there are also many licensed TV owners who are in the business of hiring representatives in Bangladesh like Helena. They also need to be looked at. They have appointed more than one representative in one upazila in exchange for money. Someone is actually canceling the old representative with an offer to pay more.
He mentioned that on the one hand, the ‘supplier editor’ mafia in Dhaka has used this profession as a tool to hide the misdeeds of the boss, on the other hand, some touts in the villages are extorting people by threatening them in the name of journalism. Together, the two circles have made journalism a hateful profession in Bangladesh today.
Helena’s tax lawyer, Omar Farooq, told this correspondent that Akhm Mozammel, the current freedom fighter minister of Bangladesh, had cheated him in the name of giving him a 20 per cent stake in Jayatra Television

Omar Farooq said Helena earned money illegally in the name of Jayayatra Television but did not pay a single taka in taxes to the government.

Bangladesh currently talking “talk of the town” over Helena’s arrest People from all walks of life have expressed satisfaction over Helena’s arrest.

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