Bangladesh is Really Moving Forward at a visible speed

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Bangladesh is Really Moving Forward at a visible speed



Shariful Alam

About four years later,I have visited Bangladesh for a short while and became to know that there is no doubt the country is really moving forward at a visible speed.

Bangladesh can now be called a development model. Padma Bridge, Metro Rail, Payra Sea Port, Karnaphuli Tunnel, Digital Village, Rampal Power Station, Pension Allowance, Ashrayan Project are all visible mega projects now. World famous Nobel laureate Amatya Sen probably said that “Bangladesh has success in some areas to surprise the world”.

I was really amazed by the incredible success in the power sector. As I have some personal work related to land, I believe that this sector will be free of corruption as all these activities are online such as land mauza map, khatian computerization, digital land zoning map land disallowance, parcel, rent.

I had to visit many districts on very short visits either on their invitation or on my personal assignments. Brahmaputra river in Mymensingh district is just like before as I have seen. The homeopathic college of this district attracted my attention. I was glad to see Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin’s collection, museum, Silver Palace, Ram Gopalpur Zamindar Bari, Botanical Garden. I really wanted to see the crocodile farm, Garo hills of this district but it didn’t happen in time. I was completely impressed by the hospitality of an aunt in Jam Tala of the said district. There was no shortage of Chaiti’s sincerity. I went to Panghagra Charkhai a very close to the city. The only amusement park built here is known as Mirza Park . There is nothing much in terms of infrastructure, but there is an opportunity to increase its caliber. The filth everywhere, the level of service with the exorbitant entrance fee seemed to be very poor.

I have seen Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman Memorial Museum in Narsingdi district, Girish Chandra Sen’s house, Zamindar Laxman Saha house, Shah Irani Shrine I liked very much.

Manikganj, a district is very close to Dhaka, you must come to this district to see the beauty of mustard fields. Date palm juice of Jhitka (couldn’t eat it because it’s not season now), palm juice, sugarcane juice are world famous, if you don’t eat it, you will miss it. Police officer Farid Uddin Ahmed’s bungalow at Gala that I spent two hours felt like heaven. He has created all kinds of modern facilities in this remote area. The honey of this region is unique and delicious. Jhitka of Harirampur Upazila is a very beautiful place.
Yes, what I was saying about Bangladesh this time during my short visit. Except for some cultural dispersion, everything seems to me that the country is now running on the right track. The progress in social development is moving at a very fast pace. Science, technology is expanding unimaginably in Bangladesh. Along with that, there is some misappropriation. The frustration of the students in the education system has given me a lot of trouble. I think livelihood education is responsible for this. Those who are not getting change in medicine or engineering are chasing computer science and M.B. A kind of intolerance and restlessness can be observed among professionals.

Along with my lots of agendas, meeting with the Director General of Bangla Academy, the poet, a very my dear person of mine. Many people will be surprised by his amazing knowledge of Bengal even after he studied in English Department from Dhaka University as I have observed him closely. This man from Bay of Bengal (Cox’s Bazar) has won many local/international awards, he is a homeo doctor by profession. I am grateful to him as I met him after a long time.

My father’s ancestral home in Comilla. I also came here this time. They are still keeping the continuity of Comilla’s batik fabric tradition. I am impressed with the new addition to this tradition. Visitors seem to be as disappointed as I am with the management of Mainamati Tourism Centre.

Conclusion: Visible improvement in the country is true as day. We want the Bangladesh of the future to be a great promise of possibilities and fulfillment of dreams. Our beloved Bangladesh will be a paradise on earth. Bangladesh is now a country of soft power. Bangladesh is one of the 11 countries that are going to emerge as industrialized countries in the future. Even after so much development, the employment of the educated class has not increased as expected. The coming days will depend on technology, so I think more importance should be given to this sector. We have limited resources so this large population should be used in productive work. Transformation is very much needed in agriculture and industry. We are talking about Smart Bangladesh, for this purpose everyone has to come in a system and everyone has to create a law-abiding culture. We must need to be patient. Income and wealth disparity should be reduced. It is not at all possible to build a smart Bangladesh by avoiding a huge population.

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October 2023