Bhaktivedanta School inaugurates at Sylhet

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Bhaktivedanta School inaugurates at Sylhet

Swapan kumar singh, Special correspondent : The bhakthivedanta international school was inaugurated at the Iskon temple premises in Sylhet town on January -08.The school was opened in a meeting held chaired by Shri Bhakti Advaita Navdeep Swami Maharaj and conducted by Dekamrit Nitai Das, General Secretary of ISKCON Sylhet

Dr. Himmadri Shekhar Roy, Departmental head of English of The Shajalal University of Science and Technology was chief guest and Deborshri Sreebash Das Brammacharee of ISCON Sylhet Youth Forum, Prof. Dr. Jitendra Nath Adhikary, News Editor Samorandra Biswas of The daily sylheter dak, Journalist Faisal Ahmed Bablu, Local education official Sattabroto Roy, Nidhi Krisnah Das, director of ISCON law Department, Dr. Biswanath Paul, Siddah Madhab Das.

Among others who were present at the event – Debarshi Shrivas Das Brahmachari, co-ordinator of ISKCON Sylhet Youth Forum, Prof. Jitendra Nath Adhikari, Daily Sylhet’s Post Secretary, Samarendra Biswas Samar, Daily Samakal Sylhet Staff Reporter and Bangladesh Human Rights Journalist Commission President Faisal Ahmed Bablu, Sylhet Sadar Upazila Secondary Education Officer Satyabrata Nielsar, Aisan Aasman Medical college sex and skin department Dr. Viswanath Pal, Siddha Madhav Das were present in the meeting among others.

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