Contemporary Dance Performance in Goethe-Institut

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Contemporary Dance Performance in Goethe-Institut

After a month long workshop, Goethe-Institut Bangladesh requests the pleasure of your company on a Contemporary Dance Performance on Thursday, 7 December 2017 afternoon at its Auditorium.  The first show to be held at 5:00 pm and the second show at 7:30 pm.

Ms. Kirsten Hackenbroch, Director, Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, will be present to welcome the audience.

The event is a continuation of the Young Choreographers’ Platform established in 2016 to encourage young Bangladeshi dancers to create their own artistic works.

In 2014 Tomas Bünger came to Bangladesh for the first time to share his knowledge about Contemporary Dance and Choreography – so the idea was born on how a Contemporary Bangladeshi Dance may look like and how to bring it on stage. The Young Choreographers’ Platform brought the first evening on stage in April 2016 at the National Theatre, BSA, with a huge response from the audience and press alike. This performance was followed by another event titled “Flowers in Bloom” held in November 2016 at the Auditorium of the Goethe-Institut. This time, Tahnun Ahmedy – a young promising dancer and choreographer and former resident of the Attakkalari Biennial, Bangalore will show his first full evening performance RUSH with a group of promising dancers.

RUSH is a one hour performance about the struggle of the daily life as a dancer and a human being in the present Bangladeshi society. Daily life in the city of Dhaka is challenging and how do you struggle as a dancer? Interesting group choreographies will lead us to duos and solos and even personal stories of the ten different personalities will appear and invite us to come a bit closer than what we normally do. The dancer as a human being will show us a mirror of our own existence. A journey of life told by the body language of ten different young Bangladeshi dancers.

Artistic Director: Tomas Bünger

Choreographer: Tahnun Ahmedy


Dancers: Md. Farhad Ahmed, Parvin Sultana Kolly, Md. Mofassal Hossen, Bristi Bepari, Md. Eashin Arafat, Hritisha Aktar, Mohammad Ariful Islam (Arnab), Anjum Bonu, Md. Shafiqul Islam and Tahnun Ahmedy