প্রকাশিত: ৪:৪৬ অপরাহ্ণ, ডিসেম্বর ২১, ২০২২


Elmaya Jabbarova

Those who do not work for a deed,
Your voice is coming from the swamp!
Those who do not get used to the light like a bat,
Come out of the darkness into the light!

From the dawn, sun and moon,
Do not be afraid of light, brightness,
Mind, hard work, skill, but also conscience,
Brings everyone out of the darkness!

May your wish come true,
So that your pure deed will be heard
So that your spirit and convictions remain pure,
Get out of the basement, out of the dark!

People have lost their way,
There is a barrier to the truth, times have changed,
He’s playing with a lie, don’t give up
Disgrace be gone, from the darkness!

What comes will go from the mortal world,
Get out of ignorance, old-fashioned,
Live so, leave so that from life,
Don’t let the moaning sound come from the darkness!