Dr. Hasina Islam Shima : A lady of personality

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Dr. Hasina Islam Shima : A lady of personality

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Dr. Hasina Islam Shima.
She belongs to a very well reputed elite family and possess supreme aristocracy. She is the daughter of Mrs. Tahmina Islam and Mr. A K M Shahidul Islam who is the Managing Director of Uni-Global Business LTD. as well as the President of Gulshan Joggers Society. They are permanently settled in Banani.

She was espoused to a high level dignitary family. Despite her early marriage during her HSC level she has constantly received ongoing support, motivation and assistance from her  family  which equipped her to complete her educational saga which consists of Honours and Masters in Bangla Literature, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education, (Dhaka University), Masters of Business Administration (H.R.M), Masters of Law (DIU) , as well as the eminent and top most educational qualification a Ph.D (Jadavpur University) from India.

Her current incumbencies include Professorship at Private University as well as Human Resource Director Uni-Global Business LTD.


She has been bestowed with the blessing of  One son and two daughters.

She is a proud author of seven solo books and twenty three collective books. Subject matters of these books and publications span varieties of issues and topics. She has also been assigned with the onus of Priciple Advisor of Bangladesh Sahitto Porishod. A new dimension has recently shined in her career where she has emerged as an editor and publisher of monthly literature magazine ‘Shahitto Spondon’. She is the Literature Secretary of the monthly magazine ‘Vinno Matra’. She is an Executive member of ‘Banani Society ‘. She is life time member of ‘Gulshan Joggers Society’ and ‘Bangladesh Teachers Council’ . Alongside she has engaged herself intimately with many other social, welfare and humanitarian related activities.

She has been honoured with many awards in her life time and the highlights are: Muhammad Shahidullah Memory Award; Sher-E-Bangla Honorarium Award; Victory Golden Award (2016) as a Woman entrepreneur; Bangladesh Kobi and Lekhok Forum Honorary Memorandum (2017); Benjon Borno Award (2018 – India); Vinno Matra Award (2019); Kids Literature Award (2019) and many others.

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