Fire at Borleka

প্রকাশিত: ১০:১২ অপরাহ্ণ, জানুয়ারি ২১, ২০১৯

Fire at Borleka

Local Correspondent:

In Borleka,Moulvibazar three houses of khasi tribe has been burned to the very ground by fire. It’s been set out by unanimous individuals, In Saturday around 12 am this incident took place in ‘’Nolikhal Pan Punji”. Through this incident the house owners suffered massive losses. The fire burnt everything within the houses.
We have reached local Christian leader & the vice president of Bangladesh Manobodikar Foundation “Adv Dudley Derick Prentice” to comment on this regards. He describes as at first fire broke out in AchinPathro’s house. Within a blink of moment others notices more houses are begins to set aflame. Then the tribesman run to their khashileader’s resident for safety. In this grievous incident three Khasi families completely lost their very house & belongings. He quotes “We demands Justice for them, Sooner or later justice will prevail’.
In this matter we have talked with “Mr.TalbiLamin” Chieftain of ‘’Nolikhal Pan Punji”. He allegedly demands that their neighboring Tea State “Chotoleka” is involve in these notorious incident. He added they’ve always try to take our ancestors land from us. They’re stopping us to build brick houses by creating blockades in our route of transport.
After reaching Mohammad Mokaram Hossain (Manager of Chotoleka tea state)he declined these claims he further added all these lands belong to tea state. The khasi people were trying to build brick houses, we stopped their brick trucks at checkpoints & then they had beaten up our security employees. We have already filed our compliant in Police station. They are just trying to fabricate us now by burning their own houses.
We have contacted the police for comment on this matter. Mr, Joshim(investigation wing) on behalf of the police station said they are looking into the matter but regarding the fire incident they haven’t find any official complaint yet


March 2021