‘Florabank’ digitizes more than 1000 Krishi Bank’s branches

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‘Florabank’ digitizes more than 1000 Krishi Bank’s branches


More than 1000 branches of Krishi (Agriculture) Bank with around 1.5 crore of accounts have been digitized under a local software named ‘Florabank’.

The Fliora system Lid, a local software developer consisted by all Bangladeshi engineers made the ‘Florabank’, the online Core Banking Solution (CBS) that marked the record of digitizing maximum numbers of bank branches in Bangladesh.

The example setting banking software, ‘Florabank’, is capable to carry out 6000 secured transaction per second, according to a joint research conducted by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and a certification body of the United Kingdom (UK).

Bangladesh Krishi Bank is providing banking services like foreign remittance, treasury, ATM/POS, RTGS, smartphone financial service, internet banking and corporate through ‘Florabank’ software.

The country’s agro based economy is based on the government run Krishi bank, that has ensured digital service to thousand of marginalized people from district to union level across the country through its 1038 branches.

Since its inception in 1997, the ‘Florabank’ have been provided secured and safe banking service at more than 2000 branches of 10 banks in last 24 years.