Genuine Art

প্রকাশিত: ১২:১৬ পূর্বাহ্ণ, ফেব্রুয়ারি ২৭, ২০২৪

Genuine Art

Til Kumari Sharma

Art of eternity in universe
Journey to have life experience
The life of higher standard with morality
Art is genuine property.
The golden opportunity
The genuine leadership in writing
The life with living art
The words and life
With alive spirit in sea with moral standard
The shining light of my dignity in universe
Statue of art as me
In world of eternity
The living soul of rebirth
The light of eternity is there.
The life with art is always living.



Ms. Til Kumari Sharma as Multi Award Winner in writing from international sector is from Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun 7, Parbat, Gandaki, West Nepal.

Her parents are Mr. Hari Prasad Basel ( Mayor of Village Assembly) and Mrs. Lila Devi Bashyal. She has published many thousands of poems, some essays, and stories and other literary writings in International Magazines, groups and anthologies from ( amazon) Russia, America, England, Hong Kong, Greece, Philippines, Hungary, Brazil, Chile, Scotland, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, North Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, India, Nepal and many other countries. She is featured-poet and best-selling co-author too. She is world-renowned poet now. She has got gold, silver and excellent awards from different international groups of poetry. She is moderator in Global Poetry Forum. She is poet of World Record Book named Hyper poem. She is an international peace ambassador of Bangladesh and ambassador of Moncheri Escapes of India too. Her World Personality is published in Multi art 8 magazine from Argentina.