Harijan community holds a sit-in program for various demands

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Harijan community holds a sit-in program for various demands


Swapan Kumar Singh,

the Harijan ( Scheduled caste) community observed a sit-in program with various demands at the local municipality in Srimangal om May -24.

Residents of Harijan Palli who live at College Road suburbs arrived at the Municipality premises in a procession with their families at noon in the town.
The people of this Harijan community do everything from sweeping to cleaning in the municipal town.

The men and women from the Harijan community gathered in front of the municipality and started chanting various slogans. After taking position in the municipality for about an hour, they left the municipality with a broom in hand and a slogan after discussions with the municipal officials.

They told the local newsmen that they give vote during the polls but their fates have not changed.
They are to live a dehumanized life with their families.
They need toilets and good water supply. Cracks have appeared in many places inside their house and water falls in the houses when it rains.
They live in fear in the houses. None thinks of them.

“They clean up all the dirty garbage in the town, but they live in the worst environment,” said Ranjan Harijan, chief of Harijan Palli.
They don’t have good toilets, they don’t have clean water, the conditions of our houses are worst.
They are in very bad condition all year round. The wages they get from the municipality are very poor. It is difficult to run their family with the wages.
They have repeatedly asked the municipality to build toilets, water supply and houses, but the municipality authority turns a deaf ear in this regard.
Nay none cooperated with us during the Corona time.

Meanwhile,They at the request to local UNO of the upazila, got some government work.
Even UNO inaugurated the foundation stone for providing water and toilets for us, But the municipality has also stopped that work. The municipality assured them that it will be done, but nothing was yet happened even after months.
They will not work themselves and will not let anyone else work, This community asserted.

“That is why they gathered in the municipality with their demands.
They will stop working from tomorrow if their demands aren’t met.

Local lecturer and women leader Jolly Paul said thst “The distressed people are deprived of their basic rights.
Education, medical treatment and housing are in just name.
She urged and said that Government should solve their problems immediately.

When contacted
Md. Zahirul Islam, Assistant Engineer of the Municipality, said the newsmen that “A letter was sent to the Ministry of Local Government in 2019 to construct 60 modern houses for them. These houses will have toilets, water and all facilities. But the authority did not get the allocation for various reasons including the Corona pandemic. So the work was not done.
When asked about the initiative taken by the Upazila Parishad to stop the work, he said, “If anyone wants to work inside the municipality, the municipality will have to be informed.

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