Heavy metals poisonous for human liver: Mamun Al Mahtab

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Heavy metals poisonous for human liver: Mamun Al Mahtab

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University hepatology department chairman professor Mamun Al Mahtab said that heavy metals were poisonious for liver which finally caused liver cancer in human body.

He said that lead, copper, mercury, cadmium and chromium were only increasing risk of liver diseases as the toxic metals entering the human body in different ways.

‘Through meal, breathing and contact with the skin, heavy metals can enter the body and affect the liver,’ he said.

He said that all the heavy metals were found in food items. Human body could tolerate a level of the heavy metals but excessive amount infected the liver and caused death of a huge number of people annually.

Quoting study report he said that number of liver patient was increasing gradually as 10-12 per cent of total patients admitted to hospitals were liver patients and liver infection became 3rd most common cause of death.

‘Heavy metal is indirectly responsible for the increase in liver patients,’ he said.

Mahtab also added that heavy metal made liver fatty and fatty liver often got infected and developed into cancer.

Not only for heavy metals but also for food habit, lack of exercise and diabetic attack were behind the spiralling number of liver patients in Bangladesh as well as the Indian subcontinent.

Insecticides in crop fields also have a role to play in spreading of heavy metal in the food chain, he said.

He urged the government to take preventive measures against the spread of heavy metal and in raising awareness among the people to stop its spread.

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