প্রকাশিত: ১০:০৮ পূর্বাহ্ণ, জানুয়ারি ৩, ২০২৩



Annette (Wengert) Tarpley

Listen to nightingale, its melody carries in the air
The sweet innocence of its song, bird without care

The precious gift of a child, not yet tainted by hate
They are our future, the elders delight at heaven’s gate

The water that rushes after a storm in a creek
Carrying nourishment, like a worm in a bird’s beak

God’s promise, we are reminded by a glorious rainbow
No worries or fret of global flooding, our faith in stow

Thriving plants that grow in luscious, plowed fields
Farmers crops planted, soon after a harvest yields

A mother’s kiss and gentle touch, tucking her baby in
Children swaying emotions, parental hearts they win

Nothing better than a faithful friend, who is ever true
There in your darkest moments, insights laughter when blue

When you have given up hope, God listens answering pray
He has never left you, relish life…his touch is everywhere

Remember the sweetness of life, when amid your sorrow
Ever present…the sacred reminders…there is hope in tomorrow…



Short Bio

Annette Wengert Tarpley hails from Roanoke, Virginia in the United States and has won numerous awards and accolades with her poetry. Annette has many poems published online, and is published in numerous anthologies. In 2020 published her debut book “Poetry Potpourri,” and co-authored, “Uplifting, Poems of Positivity,” available on Amazon, and co-authored a book “Two Heart’s,” with Sarfraz Ahmed., and has been published in several anthologies and online journals and magazines. Annette is the founder/administrator of the popular, “The Passion of Poetry” Facebook site with over 31K members Internationally, and just published their first anthology, “Inked With Passion,” December, 2022. Hosts live event POP CHAT. and is the American Coordinator for Progressive Literary & Cultural Society.