How to Win The Hearts of Millions by Smart Presentation

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How to Win The Hearts of Millions by Smart Presentation




   Md. Osman Farhan Al Harun


“Hush! Silence! Don’t talk now. Let me enjoy the presentation of this speaker. I want to judge his whole organization by his presentation on stage”- these werecomments of an organizer in a program who was willing to assess the worth of an organization simply by the oral presentation of its employee!

Yes, presentation matters a lot in an occasion, especially in this competitive world mainly to impress the target group or audience. Be it a class or official meeting, smart presentation has become a prestige issue for many people, even for many bosses. Everybody doesn’t have the proper courage to present or speakconfidently facing the audience, evenpeers, let alone his superiors. But believe it or not, by the virtue of smart presentation, you can be a superhero in your place where you work or study. If you graspthe techniques of presentation and public speaking spending some time, you can easily convince the audience and the people at any occasion.

Be a Superman

Brave people usually like to face any challenge like the Hollywood movie or TV cartoons stars. Though presenting a topic facing the audience is an exciting issue, it is even more challenging when presenting in English or in a foreign language. Speaking spontaneously with confidence is one of the most crucialfactors indeed, but not impossible. Just think about your best academic result or most remarkablesuccess in life that still makes you feel proud. It is just a matter of interest first, then preparation and practice, consistent effort, right! The recipe of success is almost same in public presentation. So, be a superglue and keep trying until you overcome your shortcomings like your superhero.

Good Presenters come toLimelight

‘Who will share opinion aboutthis……topic? Please come forward and say something to the audience’-whenever we get this type of offer or chance in an occasion to speak upfront, usually we like to hide our face and push our neighbor sitting next to us to step ahead saying- ‘bro, go and say something, while we aregiggling from behind thinking that jak, bacha gelo (thanks to Almighty for saving me in this journey)! Man, you missed a great opportunity here for your peer gets the credit there for presenting his talent, smartness, also the attention of everyone instantly. It may bring him to limelightand open his luckbeing a turning point in his career for impressing the authority by taking an attempt, at least once or in several occasions. So, who is the boss?


Extroverts– Communicate with Confidence

Oral communication skills, in popular Bengali term ‘chaparjor’have no substitute in this fast world of show off.Competencyin communication can be associated with both verbal and non-verbal skills since people don’t like to listen only, but also like to enjoy the presentation. Truly speaking, lively presentation is related to some techniques, like how interestingly you communicate with the people sitting in front of you or listening to your lecture. Otherwise, soon you can find empty chairs all around where people will leave the room with some lame excuses. Sensible audience expects that the presenter delivers the speech confidently with some activities, movementsand lively facial expressions to retain the attraction of the session. So, bring life in your presentation considering the interest of the target group i.e. spectators. Try to be a professional storyteller rather than just reading from PPT slides for a long time.

Mind Your LanguageIf you ……….

Use easy language if you really want to touch the heart of your listeners in the presentation. Sometimes some easy topics get tougher to perceivedue to the use of complicated vocabularies andphrases collected from various sources and delivering without simplifying those for the audience. Good presentation requires a presenter to communicate in a way which is natural- both in language and delivery. The success of any official or formal presentation actually depends on natural delivery in simple language. You need not prove yourself Socrates with bulkof information when simply discussing on a familiar topic. Jokes in the form of humor can be added in any speech, but the presenter also needs to consider the chair of the session and the status of the program, also the audience. Whether you present your topic in English or native language, use of right pronunciation and intonation are significant factors too.Check and balance your speech even though your characteristic is like Mr. Bean in real life!


Audio-visual or Oral Presentation?

The medium of presentation is sometimes avital issue as far as the interest of the audience is concerned. If you present your idea using interesting tools like picture, playing music or an interesting video clips, it can be more effectivethan merely lecturing for hours. But, it is not wise to just plug and play and make the entire session robotic. Use technology as a part of presentation only, not for dull and dry speech. If the presenter or speaker is not comfortable with ICT, hire a person who can support you in this regard. Again, for oral presentation, you can start the session with an interesting story relating with the current topic. A different and innovative ice-breaking session is good enough to win hearts of millions. Thus, an interactive approach along with audio-visual effect is considered as the best presentation session. Regardless you present by PowerPoint or without using technology, regular eye contact with the audience or the target group should be maintained. Again, over dependence on technology, like wi-fi connection, electricity problem around the venue can disappoint you if the desired presentation document is not prepared well ahead. Checking multimedia system and other facilities in the venue can be really effective prior to delivering speech.

When a Presenter Turns into a Sensible Diplomat

A confident presenter i.e. speaker might overcome many obstacles in a formal presentation, but can fall in trouble at the end, unfortunately. The post-presentation session is a kind of nerve-test for many speakers when the audience may ask typical questions from different aspects. Well, instead of avoiding the questions, face the challenge diplomatically; seek apology if you can’t answer some questions instantly. Even, the situation can be tackled by referring to some sources like links of related websites, journals, books related to the topics discussed in the session. Try to avoid false information for the sake of tackling the situation. It is also required to keep the head cool and control emotion if the awkwardand irrelevant question is asked in this situation. However, be sensible to hide the expression of nervousness and tensed condition by smiling at the audience as much possible. Under any circumstances, one should avoid any argument and conflict in the question-answer session. It is also a matter of experience, indeed. The older you are, the better you can tackle the embarrassing situations.

You can also learn from YouTube and other popular sites to have clear idea about the essential techniques of public speaking. Attending hands on training on presentation techniques along with the practice of ICT might boost up the confidence of the novice presenters, undoubtedly.


Roads totheProfessional Presenters

Finally, recall your most favorite teacher in life, his/her style of presentation, attitude and way of convincing the pupils. One of the factors that keep your mentors in your mind is probably their impressive presentation. So, in future if you want to follow the paths of excellent speakers or presenters, get mentally prepared first. Practice on your presentation topic alone in front of the mirror or arrange a mock presentation session facing your favorite persons. Consider their feedbacks seriously regarding your shortcomings without avoiding any. You can also use technology, like your cell phone or webcam to record your mock presentation alone before facing the audience in the real session. It can really support you to fix the final strategy and present your speech with confidence.

At least, let your peers discover your potentialsafter an amazing presentation and truly believe- you arethe real boss!

                   Md. Osman Farhan Al Harun is an Assistant Professor of Englishand can be reached at