Liberation War 1971, my family & Heart Foundation, Moulvibaza

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Liberation War 1971, my family & Heart Foundation, Moulvibaza

Kanak Das Gupta

12th May of 1971 remains a memorable one for my family especially owing to the fact that my ancestors,

Pandit Sharada Charan & Pandit Annada Charan were brutally assassinated by the then Pakistani forces. This led to Annada Charan’s wife being severely mentally distressed almost on the brink of insanity, where she used to be chained to control her wild demeanor. WE, as a family (with our offshoots dispersed all over the world and especially in Bangladesh & India) together pay our homage to our forefathers for this sacrifice for the birthing of the independent and secular nation we now know as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

While it is the responsibility of a nation to safeguard the honour of the ones who had given their lives away for its independence and flourishing, it has been over 50 years since Bangladesh’s independence that these brave sons of the soil have not yet been honoured or remembered as they should have been. This has significantly shaped my disposition as an individual to do something in order to preserve their name and honour. Also, my forefather’s contribution to the building of Bangladesh, has inspired me since my early childhood to make a pledge towards playing a part in helping the needy of this country.

In the meanwhile, when I came to know from an online portal that my uncle, Dr. Sudhendu Bikas Das had donated his share from our ancestral property to a charitable healthcare organization, The National Heart Foundation, Moulvibazar branch, in our forefather’s name, and especially to treat the less privileged, I was elated and encouraged to do the same. I thank him from the core of my heart since I personally am a survivor of a heart ailment. Initially, since I started communicating with the officials of the organization, I had expressed my desire to contribute to the good cause as and when my support would be required.

Recently, I was made aware of the fact that the roadway in front of the donated property needed to be extended to make way for ambulances in order for better connectivity to treat critical patients. I made a call right then to donate my share of the ancestral land located in the Southern corner of the road leading to our house (Daag # 3041). I would like to tender my active support to this organization in the coming years as well. Finally, I am indebted to Moulvibazar (erstwhile Dokkhin Srihotto Sub-Division) for most part of my life and childhood and would like to give back to it as much as possible (if not what it has altogether given me) for the overall betterment of the healthcare and education sector herein.

Writer: Kanak Das Gupta (LL.B, MA)
Permanent address: Village: Gharua (Pondit Bari), Moulvibazar Sadar.
The writer is currently residing in Great Britain and working in Corporate Sector.
Date: 22/05/2022