Jyotsna Jha, a Noted Poet of Contemporary World Literature.

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Jyotsna Jha, a Noted Poet of Contemporary World Literature.


Nurul Hoque

Jyotsna Jha, a noted poet of contemporary world literature, hails from the pristine greenery environs of Jharkhand of India. Thanks to this primordial innocence and psychedelic beauty of the immediate surroundings in which she was grown up and developed a strong passion for poetry.

Jyotsna Jha was born on 2nd November , 1986 in Ranchi, a pioneer city of Jharkhand, one of the famous state of India. She is the daughter of Late Brajesh Narayan jha, and Smt Krishna jha.Her father was a retired principle and mother is yet alive and proving herself as an innocent housewife.

Being a poet of the first decade in the new millennium, her poetry echoes the tune of poetry of the new millennium. Jyotsna’s poems have been published in renowned literary magazines and newspapers of many places worldwide . Jyotsna is also an activist working for women emancipation and empowerment and worked as an Editor in more
than 5 books. Golden book of world records for participating in world longest online poetry show. Her poetry is also published on the world enlighten anthology named Odyssey International Anthology of World Poets 2020.

The panoramic landscape of jyotsna’s beautiful poetry is like an exciting continent full of thrills and solemn beauty waiting to be explored by a passionate enthusiast of poetry. In one way her poetry boldly accepts the carnal aspects of love in the makings of human relationships like her working profession , and especially the one between a man and a woman. On the other hand, a strong undercurrent of protestation against deprivation, inequality, discrimination, injustice and the like flows through the zigzag channels of her poetry. Revealing the ugliness of the institutions, establishments and above all humans, her poetry upholds humanity in an exalted fashion.

Jyotsna Jha successfully completed her MBA in HR and established her carrier in Banking Sector of India. Her ambition, determination, dedication and honesty are the keys to his success in her life.
Here I attached two of her poems for world readers.

1) The Mist of Rememberence ..

Falling flower scene…
It’s your rememberence ..

Wetting eyelids ..unseen…
It’s your rememberence ..

Crying heart and soul….
It’s your rememberence..

Loneliness and dark within .
It’s your remembrence ..

Passing night .long so long .
Its your remembrence .

Going seasons ..aroma around the mist…
It’s your remembrence ..

Blooming buds…image of yours ..
It’s your remembrence..

Lonely arms…folded rose ..
Its your remembrence .

Anonymous ……Existence of Mine

I know ….
My existence..
Is anonymous.

I know that you will read
Silent language of my eyes..

You will know all the, secrets of my heart…

And then…..

Pieces of love will be borne by your heart ….
They will exist because of me…
But ….

I will not be there ….
But disappear in the Mist of unknownness

Will search you always around the mist
Say a line of love and go then