Kishore Yuva Sangstha and Bonaful Theater are making the environment as green

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Kishore Yuva Sangstha and Bonaful Theater are making the environment as green


Swapan Kumar Singh :

Kishore Yuva Sangstha and Bonaful Theater, a socio-cultural organization of Srimangal upazila in Moulvibazar district are taking groundbreaking steps to make green the environment, nature and tree welfare in Srimangal.

The organization has come up with a fancy, practical and consensual process of tree planting that continues to shape its social fabric.

The young members of the organization on behalf of Kishore Yuva Sangstha and Banful Theater in the last difficult time of deforested environment and nature
In various ways, school and college students are collecting seeds and planting those in the forestless forest.
The organization took such an initiative after the Gas exploration at the Magurchhara gas field in 1997 that caused extensive damage to the shade trees and biodiversity.
Since then, tree planting and seed collection programs have been celebrated with the participation of people from all walks of life.
‘There is a seed, there is a soul, let’s fill the garden with green’
Many biodiversity environmental researchers and organizers have praised such a consensual program and they believe it is a green revolution of youth to keep our environment and biodiversity, mountain forests alive and green through such social programs.
The recent times the organization is going to form a seed collection committee, said Kazi Kamrul Islam Babul, the initiative and president of the program.

Jasim Uddin Dudu, an expatriate from London, Mostafizur Rahman Mukit, who have been working diligently with the organization,
Principal Nurur Rahman, Editor Mohammad Ali Milon, Journalist Mamun Ahmed, Journalist Swapan Kumar Singh, Culture Organizer
Raj Kumar Gaur Raj
Teacher Kazi Asma, Freedom Fighter Laxmi Narayan Singha, Jasim Ahmed, Abdul Matin Khan, Mithun Sen, Obaidur Rahman Lulu, Golam Rahman Mamun, Liton Dev,
Md. Abdul Karim,
Forkan Uddin Ahmed, Navy Akhtar,
Saiful Quader, Alam Khandaker Kamrul Hasan Dulan,
Enayet Hossain Enam Sahidul Islam, aboriginal organizer Parimal Baraik and the president of the organization Kazi Kamrul Islam Babul and other leaders.

The organization at this stage , Lauyachherra National Park, Radhanagar, Punji areas thousands of fruits collected by them in several forest parks, forest tree seeds are being sown as well as various trees are being planted. It includes nature and wildlife
Organizers believe it will help alleviate the food crisis for animals. The organization is continuing to prepare for the Satchhari National Park as a target for the next course of their action.

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