Lalmati Tila Kali Temple of Srimangal

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Lalmati Tila Kali Temple of Srimangal



 Sangram Datta

Every day, Lalmati Tila Kalimandir is crowded with a lot of visitors.

Srimangal Upazila in Moulvibazar district of history-heritage city has more than half a hundred sights.

One of these places is Lalmati Tila Kali Temple, the Hindu community’s synagogue.
Not only the people of the Hindu community – Lalmati Tila Kali Temple is the faced of all people irrespective of religion or caste.

The Goddess Kali temple is located at Lalmati Tila, section 4 of Fulcherra tea estate of the Finlay Tea Company about four kilometers from the Srimangal Upazila headquarters in Moulvibazar district.

Along the left side of the Tea Garden, the road will be visible on the hill over Lalmati as soon as it is about two kms in front of the hill.
About 200 feet above the plain ground, an interesting zigzag way has been made to cut the hill to go to Kali temple. Immediately the beauty of the surroundings will be taken away from the top of the hill.

About the history of Lalmati Tila Kali Temple, it’s learnt that hundreds of years ago there was a garden worker colony around Lalmati Tila. At that time the bar on the top of the hill used to be Kali worship. At one time the tea garden authorities removed the workers’ line of tea-workers from Lalmati Tila to the flat areas. From then on, the worship in the Tila area was almost stopped.
It’s also learnt that a group of students from Mymensingh Agricultural University visited to Srimangal for picnic in some years ago.
They chose the place where Kali temple is currently located for a picnic.
At the end of the picnic, as they were returning in the afternoon, their car suddenly dropped down about 20 feet in the shaft next to Tila.
The driver lost his life on the spot.
About six years after the incident, one night in the garden, on the night of 27, a laborer dreamed that a car was falling into the water while a man was driving in front of Lalmati Kalitila. Just then a tall black woman approached the lake and saved the car from being submerged in the water of the lake.
The car and the driver of the vehicle are in danger. After seeing it in a dream, the tea worker told the panchayat of the garden about the dream.

Former Tilababu Bappi of Fulchhara Tea Garden said the construction work of Kali Temple was started on the 21st. At the end of construction, the work of making the idol was stopped after half-time. After a few days, a venomous snake is seen chasing a half-finished kalimati.
The gardener could not remove the snake from the statue, despite many attempts. Later, worship was performed in the area. After the worship of the serpent, the snake itself was removed and the construction of the Kalimati in the temple was completed.

Manas Tanti of the garden said that nowadays, many people are gathering here as the word of Kali temple at Lalmati Tila of Fulchhara Tea Garden is spread around. Some are bringing vows here, some are worshiping Kalimata to fulfill their wish.
Dandakali worship is held at this temple every year in the month of Chaitra.
If Lalmati takes effective measures to enhance the beauty of Tila and Kali temple, this place may be one of the most spectacular tourist spots for domestic and foreign tourists.