Lucky are those, who attend study tour

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Lucky are those, who attend study tour

Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun

‘It’s a beautiful day

It’s spring all the way

It’s a day to fly and play

It’s time to enjoy- whole day’.


Excursion or study touris such an event remarkable for any person in student life. In this compact life, it sounds really refreshing when someone proposes- let’s go out for a study tour far away from the city. If it is a forest or at any recreation park, well and good; historical place is also okay. But then many questions come- who will lead the team? What should be the budget? Will the place be secured and the journey safe for all? Can we return home by evening? As usually, many minds, many questions.

Well, the concerned course instructor or the authority of the educational institution can first take the initiative and lead to guide their pupils, form committees and assign duties among responsible persons. Some can collect fund fixed for the tour, some will look after transport or food according to tour plan and scope. The best idea is arranging this type of program by self-management and fund instead of bothering the top management much. Most importantly, an excursion acts like a tonic to cheer-up students effectively since youth is the time not for only learning, but for adding color in life. The objective of the entire tour might be study which is abstract in a sense, but sometimes it remains a memorable event in the whole life. The more the students are active and enthusiastic, the better the tour members can enjoy together. On the other hand, if anyone misses this scope for any reason, it is absolutely a misfortune for getting deprived from the charm of academic life.

‘Study tour’ is, thus, a kind of picnic, an opportunity to meet seniors and juniors, teachers and students, a platform to know each other closely outside the academic arena. It’s also a scope to exercise leadership, management, effective communication as well as developing strong bonding among friends and superiors. To get relief from busy and monotonous schedule, sometimes daily routine can be altered by outing in a study tour, at least once in a year. To arrange this type of program all of a sudden, some dedicated people and sacrifice are required in terms of time, money as well as sincere effort. The charm of an excursion starts from journey by car or bus all together till the end depending on mentality of the participants.

Some interesting events like games, photo session, group selfie, lottery with innovative and attractive gifts, especial souvenir like t-shirt, key ring or caps with logo add extra value to any study tour. Later on, one can share those golden memories with grandchildren in nostalgic atmosphere when steps into the old age. Both smile and tears mingle at that moment while remembering the enjoyments of student life in study tours.

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October 2023