Mid-early Super Tabbi Cauliflower Field Day Meeting held at Chunarughat.

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Mid-early Super Tabbi Cauliflower Field Day Meeting held  at Chunarughat.
Swapan Kumar Singh:
Last Thursday 17th November at 4 pm at the house of farmer Md. Sohail Mia of Nayagaon village of Ubahata Union No. 7, Lal teer  Seeds Ltd. organized Mid-early Super Tabbir field day. A field day meeting was held with nurserymen, cauliflower growers and vegetable farmers under the chairmanship of Nurseryman Md. Abdul Ali. In today’s meeting, 15 nursery men, 25 flower coppice farmers, 20 vegetable farmers were present in the field day program.
Tapas Chakraborty, Divisional Manager of Lal teer Seed Limited was present as the chief guest on the occasion, Special Guest was Md. Farooq Ahmed Sub-Assistant Agricultural Officer, Chunarughat, Agronomist Golam Azam, Regional Manager of Lal Teer  Seed Limited, Mahmudul Hasan PDS Coordinator, Md Milan Ali Assistant Sales was also present.
The ceremony was conducted by Mahmudul Hasan of Lal Teer  Seed Limited.
In the meeting, the nursery owners interested in the cultivation of winter vegetables of Lal Teer  were interested in the cultivation of cauliflower mid-early Super Tabbi, An important discussion on the production of mid-early Super Tabbi seedlings takes place in the nursery.
Farmers expressed the opinion of doing this variety in the future due to bumper yield of Super Tabbi of Laltir in the land of farmer Sohel Mia. Because this variety is disease free, sun rain, heat, tolerant weight is up to 1 kg. It was informed in the meeting that the attractive white color has a good price in the market. Super Tabbi farmer Sohel said that all the farmers are interested in doing this variety as they are getting a good price of Tk 90 to 55 per kg.