My Unbound Greed

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My Unbound Greed

Deb Kajal

I reached there at last along with hopes
Certainly walked through muddy slopes
Prayers from parents and well-wisher more
In distress and gloomy, they cried from core.

At one stage I pierced all barriers to conquer
Many wished for me and did a lot to go further
Many gave many times and blessed as well
Even extended them as we’re from same soil.

Thence I managed a job to be an obliging man
All became happy and exalted saying you can
I started with new hope and aspiration for all
But entrapped myself with filthy and vile call.

Forgetting all promises, lied back on bad race
Doing all nonsense that made me bare-face Disowning axiomatic truth became arrogant
Even the glitz of new life faded away all chant.

Earning name and cash that I heartily cherish
Never thought if I am to lose;I’m to be perish
Nothing seemed hard to get all that charm
Passing into oblivion I did a decisive harm.

Neither thought nor even tried to follow just
For being a rich man I forced others to be cast
To set my rein up misused power and position
Though I was employed to serve for a vision.

Became unbridled as I wasn’t revoked or fined
None was there to remind why I was assigned
Soon I amassed money and what I need more
Fraying people in vain,wanted to reach shore.

Being dishonest and ill-advised,forgot own job
Knew well to manage high-up even crazy mob
Built a well furnished house and bought a car
None’s there to snub, so I like to go more far .

Avarice goes beyond all and makes a grab-all
Getting as much as I want without much toil
Who can be cared and feared?As we are same
Despite all flaws- gyp, I push on seeking fame.


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December 2021