ঢাকা ১৮ই জুলাই ২০২৪ খ্রিস্টাব্দ, ৩রা শ্রাবণ ১৪৩১ বঙ্গাব্দ, ১১ই মহর্‌রম ১৪৪৬ হিজরি

Plagiarism : A hidden problem and where conscience is confined

প্রকাশিত জুলাই ৪, ২০২১, ১২:০৪ পূর্বাহ্ণ
Plagiarism : A hidden problem and where conscience is confined


Kajal Deb
We all, distinguishing none enjoy the benefits and unbound advancement of science. In the earliest period or even in the inception of this century or civilization we didn’t have things enough that we usually use to enjoy our in progress life or to blow away all aadversities. From the very ancient period, men endeavored tirelessly and went through ups and downs so that they could unearth the truth;they could discover the new things and pave a smooth way for mankind. In this regard, they had to build a castle in the air,had to walk miles after miles to reach their craving destination. Though, sometimes they got frustrated but didn’t stop pushing the bike up a steep hill .Moreover, they never lost their passion and zest, never followed any faulty ways to gain something over night ;never cut their uncertain journey short to be famous or to be successful in this material world.
Their thoughts, imagination and vision were not to be quick to occupy, rather they sacrificed themselves and exchanged their substance for shadow.
Aristotle (384-322 BC)was a Greek philosopher and Scientists born in the city of Stegira,Chalkidice,on the northern periphery of classical Greece.His writings cover up many fields including physical science, biology, zoology, ethics,logics,politics and government and many more.During his living state,science and technology, other facilities or materials that we generally use to continue our research work were not available. Despite untold lacking and inadequate resources, he tried utmost and toiled much ignoring all hurdles to improve mankind and civilization.Though some of his given ideas and theories proved wrong at the course of time. Like Aristotle many other scientists, philosophers and researchers from early age to new age spent their valuable time to invent something new. They passed hard times but never made themselves trivial, never lost their patience to be unjust. They have even let themselves loose and waited years after years to line up a sentence.
Unfortunately, in recent years some teachers who teach in noted public universities, some reseachers who are assigned in research work are held responsible for stealing others hard- earned research information,write-up and documents.They copied pages after pages without changing the page-make up and grammar of the sentence . They showed such ill-borrowed and ignoble research papers up by their name in different national and international journals and consequently they were awarded punishment.For instance, some teachers who teach in Dhaka University were demoted to lower grade from the position they were enjoying. Two teachers of Pubna Science and Technology University have recently been convicted for the same offence and a committee has been formed to probe them. For this very mangy reason,they not only blemish their own image but also the prestige of their respective institutions.
One question that always peeps in my mind and never lets my mind satiate is the system of education, the quality of our teachers who are assigned to uplift the nation by performing their task with due attention. Once,before a huge gathering, a prudent man said,” A politician may continue his politics without taking degrees from a reputed or recognised university. Even he/she may be a member of parliament or a minister because higher educational qualification is not mandatory for him/her”. There are some other professionals who are successful in their respective fields without being educated or without taking higher degrees but their contribution to build a lofty society knows no bound.
When teachers of different public universities are blamed and are sometimes substantiated for stealing knowledge of others unethically,I see no craving hope that will mitigate the thirst of the nation and build a stable as well as knowledgable society. I have a deep rooted belief and notion that the teachers who are selected to teach in tertiary level are undoubtedly meritorious and capable enough to pursue higher study. But in reality what is seen and revealed through different media goes completely against my ideas and makes my thoughts parochial about them.
One of my journalist friends who once wrote for an English daily used to use the term’ plagiarism’ and made me familiarize with it.
According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, “Plagiarism means the process or practice of using another person’s ideas or work and pretending that it is your own.”
According to Wikipedia, “Plagiarism is the representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas or expression as one’s own original work.It is considered a violation of academic integrity and breach of ethics. ”
Nowadays copying from others books or journals has increased irrelevantly.
Should research or pursuing higher study be for all?
Research is defined as the creation of new knowledge and or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts,methodologies and understandings.According to the American sociologist Earl Robert Babbie,”Research is a systematic inquiry to describe, explain, predict and control the observed phenomenon. It involves inductive and deductive methods. ”
Really it’s tormenting when it’s heard that teachers of different universities are caught red handed for their ignoble deeds. I lose my all hopes and aspirations when some teachers of Dhaka University are found guilty and are doing such heinous thing repeatedly.A famous singer-cum-teacher of Dhaka University has recently committed the same mistake. Such distorted mentality very often makes a room at the headline of the dailies and humiliates not only the image of the concerned teachers but also the reputation of the universities. Once Dhaka University was called the Oxford of the East.Why was Dhaka University compared with The Oxford University? What was the ground behind this comparison? According to statistics, it’s estimated that around 14,000 researchers are engaged in fundamental research activities in The Oxford University. Truly speaking I don’t know the actual data of the students who have been assigned for research work in Dhaka university. Disappointingly the number of the students of Dhaka university wouldn’t be higher than that of Oxford University.
Ranking- 2022 that was conducted by The Quacquarelli Symonds World University showed the position of Dhaka University.Consequent upon ranking, Dhaka University placed 800-1000 brackt. On the other hand,the University of Oxford in the UK was in the second position among 1300 universities. Some Asian Universities from Singapore, India are continually doing well and placed a glorious position in this ranking.
The reasons of our lagging behind are not unknown to us.As research activities of our universities are not up to the mark.Students and teachers of our universities hardly show their interest in research or want to invent something new.Misuse of power and appointment on the basis of students’ political identity make the teacher’s selection faulty and fragile.Being unscrupulous,some teachers along with some vice chancellors remain themselves busy to get the political blessing.As a consequence, our universities can’t make sure a friendly environment where students will engross themselves to study.Sometimes the authorities utterly fail to make the students understand the necessities of research and don’t encourage them to be fit so that they can prove their worth and can compete with the students of other nations .Which is why,
we become in vain to draw the attention of the world. We even can’t vie with the universities of our neighboring countries let alone The Oxford University.
To improve this situation, we should take some pragmatic steps so that we can bring back our glorious past, we can keep pace with the world.
Education should reach out to all doors.But higher education should not be for all, rather should be for them who are honestly eager to pursue.. A broken bridge can be repaired provided that it is nurtured properly. Likewise,there are some boys who are accused of being unruly or stubborn-minded and deviated from the agreed and amicable route, can be brought back to the path of righteousness if they are given proper education. But who will give them proper education?
Last but one,we all want to dream and certainly our dreams will not be far-fetched and fanciful if they are guided appropriately.

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