poems of soumitra dev

প্রকাশিত: ৩:৫৬ পূর্বাহ্ণ, নভেম্বর ২৩, ২০১৭

poems  of soumitra dev


I search for a solitary sunshine

amidst a crowd of sun burnt pebbles
only because I wish to anoint
this reposed body with calcium love.
Many people on this sea beach lie
while googly balls become eyes
to undress those bikini bedecked bodies
after a swim in the ocean vast.
Because I am innocent of hypocrisy,
I have not learnt how to hide my lechery.

Beloved rice,
pristine white,
my habitué love
of you is truth
and so each day
I devour you.
What is wrong
if now and then
my tastes vary?

When the night deepens, I am reminded of the Raasa festival.
The night – the deep night, intensified by so many mysteries
and all around, light overflowing from the moon-bowl.
Near the jora-mandapa, there has gathered a crowd
and you, Neela, are a part of it.
On the dais there is light and song and a host of revels,
the love-play of Radha-Krishna has gathered momentum.

These fireflies – are they insects
or splinters from constellations?
Invoking a dense darkness, I play peek-a-boo.
My playmates are a horde of these flying fires.
At childhood, I was as restless as these.
Even as I play, I become merciless all of a sudden
and clasp one of these lights – a minute firefly.
It suffocates and gasps for breath in my fist.
The fire dies out and into the breezes fade
the white tears of the constellations.

The unfamiliar evening is like a delicious drink.
The breezes promise a shower of rain soon.
The desert, thirsty for so long a time,
perceives your form in these obscure shadows.
If you descend as rain on the desert,
this hapless earth shall find some peace.
The horizon shall become the wasteland of Chaitra
if your form bodies forth in these obscure shadows.

You touched your magic wand on my brow
and I became a restless steed – from then
I have been racing…..on and on and on.
And then with another spell,
you turned me into a mute tree.
My wails float along with the cotton
from the Shimul tree. I do not know
what new enchantment you shall raise now.

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