Poetic Thought has a Profound Relationship

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Poetic Thought has a Profound Relationship


Shariful Alam

Poetic thought has a profound relationship with age, although subtle feelings are a little troubled. A kind of manipulation game goes on in the mind, the mind is set for failed love.

One wants to fly red and blue balloons in the clear sky by pressing the whistle of the flute, but considering Holi as a distorted romance or a distorted thrill, personal desire becomes reluctance. It is not so easy to convince others when it is a sense of solidarity with strategic calculation. To be a doctor of love you have to prove that you have discovered, because there is a kind of joy in stealing hearts, which beats being lost in the forest hand in hand, but it is difficult to walk this road with complete dreams. In such a marginal city, the car stops at the junction of night and dawn, the purpose is to get ready for the journey, but you need to know the strategy of where to stop. People will not say wow, but you have to keep that aspect in consideration. In this line, however, I am still a fool since I was a kid. The river has always seemed to me like a black pitch road and the moon above my head like a searchlight. Maybe I didn’t have the necessary qualification, preparation to understand it, but it is true that the difference of feeling is nothing but personal experience, in this context an example came to mind, the unborn enemy once asked the Buddha what is the source of the nirvana you are talking about? In reply Mahamati Buddha said “My feelings”. The feeling is real. Aesthetic things do not need to be explained, they are experienced.

Yes, I was talking at the beginning, poetry thinking – some words are not gathering together, analogy, ornaments are not only a poem, but you want to know the effective think for the best love, but you have to remember that there are plenty of women on earth. And those who have already fallen in love surely know how bright sunny scars are constantly hitting the highway. But those who have managed to trap the fairy in the bottle are different, and those who know how to walk alone have a lot of determination – that’s why not everyone knows how to walk alone anymore.




June 17, 2017
Hudson, New York, USA.