Precious moments with our young star-Ayman Sadiq

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Precious moments with our young star-Ayman Sadiq

Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun

“Winners or successful people don’t do different thing, rather they do the same work differently”- the celebrity Ayman asserted this to the young audience on 16 May, 2018. I was among them in a mission of figuring out his motivational speech, a popular young star of Bangladesh. As usually, he conducted the whole sessionin a smiling face. He was supposed to guide our students to use internet effectively; however, he advised the audience from his reallife experience like a friend, senior brother as well as great wellwisher as if he knew the audience for a long time.
The initiative of Ayman in the field of education is well-known to all.His popularity came mostly as an innovative and dynamic entrepreneur, internet personality and public speaker. He is known as the founder of 10 Minute School, one of the largest online learning platform of the country that publishes video lectures on various topics including science, business, personal development and arts.

I personally became interested about this young fellow when he was named as one of the winners of the Queen’s Young Leader Award for 2018 and APICTA Award 2018. He was listed as one of the 30 social entrepreneurs in Asia under 30 by Forbes in 2018. In the seminar arranged by Green University of Bangladesh, he seemed to be not only a motivational speaker, a leader as well. In his opinion, our learners should use internet as a useful tool for learning rather than using it for mere entertainment. In his lively session, this popular celebrity of youth emphasized on being connected with those sites in the net helpful for enriching knowledge, thinking positive as well as exploring life in the right track. Young learners should like some pages in facebook from which users can get important information on regular basis. As suggested by Ayman, “you can put those pages on top priority list”.

As a public speaker, Ayman proved himself very enthusiastic adding humor with motivational lecture. His examples regarding solving problems in different situations were really noteworthy and learning experience for all. Just fixing mirror around a lift or fulfilling the demands of passengers in an international airport tactfullyfor adjusting six minutes delay are best examples for solving problems in different situations. By these examples he urgedthe varsity students to learn how to solve problems in practical situations and develop critical thinking capability. Mere theoretical knowledge without application is not really helping our generation for the lack of proper utilization of talent and knowledge in the right field.

Ayman also shared his weird experience stressing the importance of proper dress code in one occasion. Usually, when we go to any place in casual attire, for example, in t-shirt and jeans, people sometimes do not give due respect, even do not count us properly. In an informal dress, Ayman once attended a program as a speaker and realized that dress code matters a lot in corporate sector as well as formal occasions. To bring the matured look, Ayman then decided to put on Panjabi that really suits him well to overcome hassles next time. Most importantly, this handsome graduate from IBA of Dhaka Universitydelivered his speech in conversational approach which is an important characteristic of an ideal public speaker.
Though the program started lately,the audience enjoyed his session till late afternoon for his lively session, right gesture-posture, smiling face and his ability to interact with the audience as an ordinary person. The prospective public speakers of Bangladesh can follow Ayman for self-development as well as positive approach. His popularity as a celebrity soon turned into a stunning moment for the organizers at the end of the program. Whole audience rushed to the stage for having a selfie with Ayman; some even took selfie with his printed photo on the banner when failed to reach him! Yes, our young generation likes Ayman for he could touch their hearts by his video tutorials in YouTube channel i.e. 10 minutes school. It is a positive sign as far as learning spirit and self-development issues are concerned.
Chatting with Ayman after the main session was a blessing in disguise. I hardly could believe that we could spend such a long time together and enlighten ourselves by his scholarly discussion. Referring to Hazrat Ali (R), Ayman stated “knowledge has three stages- at first stage, the knowledgeable or learned person becomes proud, secondly he becomes humble, and finally he starts to believe that he merely learnt anything and many things to learn yet!”
Regarding his mentors, Ayman referred to other celebrities like Bangladeshi-US citizen and another celebrity Salman Khan. In his opinion, learning can be divided according to interest; therefore, one can try to study on particular topic every month, search books, net and explore other sources for better perception on his/her area of interest. The smartness of Ayman is his simplicity, ever smiling face and winning the hearts of millions by socializing humbly. In every single photo shot, he made the environment favorable without any sign of botheration, in Bengali which is called ‘vabs’. Finally, his suggestions are very practical indeed for every learner who is unaware about the goal of life, confused about lifestyle and relationship, frustrated and misguided any way. At least one message of Ayman can be practiced and taken into consideration seriously – life is not all about facebooking. ‘Internet’ is something to explore for developing our skills on every single day by proper utilization of its resources.

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August 2022