Recommendations for parents and educators regarding child’s education

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Recommendations for parents and educators regarding child’s education


Dewan Al Mehedi

In my role as the senior faculty member at BLOOMING SUN SCHOOL, I have acquired significant hands-on experience.

I would like to highlight the importance of the connection between parents and the school. Effective communication is essential for a successful collaboration.

It is vital to utilize the CAB approach, focusing on being CLEAR, ACCURATE, and BROAD. Accuracy should always be a top priority, even in conversations about straightforward matters.

Engage in various school activities whenever possible. By actively participating in school events, parents not only show support for their child’s education but also strengthen the connection between home and school. This involvement allows parents to witness firsthand the learning experiences and achievements of their child, fostering a sense of pride and encouragement.

Attending school activities also provides an opportunity for parents to interact with teachers, staff, and other parents, creating a sense of community and collaboration. Through these interactions, parents can gain valuable insights into their child’s progress, receive feedback from educators, and establish open lines of communication.

Moreover, engaging in school activities allows parents to contribute their skills, knowledge, and experiences to benefit the school community. Whether it’s volunteering in the classroom, participating in fundraising events, or joining parent-teacher associations, parents play a vital role in enhancing the overall educational environment.

By actively engaging in school life, parents not only support their child’s academic and social growth but also demonstrate the importance of education and community involvement. This active participation reinforces the idea that education is a shared responsibility between home and school, ultimately leading to a more enriching and successful educational journey for the child.

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Dewan Al Mehedi : Senior Faculty in English ,Blooming Sun School