Red Salute Simon John Dring

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Red Salute Simon John Dring


Abul Barkat

I am heavily saddened with the news of the demise of one of the greatest journalists of the second half of the last century – Mr Simon John Dring- the eyewitness Daily Telegraph reporter of the massacre during our 1971- Liberation War. Simon did his job in 1971 risking his life. Simon was a person who with his camera, pen and paper actually fought for our Liberty and Freedom.

All the people of Bangladesh shall remain ever grateful to Simon Dring – for his courageous journalism on issues of National Liberation War.

Today’s media people- irrespective of electronic, print and social- must learn from his vision of truthful journalism for the cause of people’s rights.

As a citizen of Bangladesh and a Freedom Fighter- I salute (late)SIMON JOHN DRING.

Abul Barkat :  Professor, Dhaka University; &
President, Bangladesh Economic Association

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