Remembering Panna Kaiser

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Remembering Panna Kaiser



Falgunee Sarker

The year was 1964,I have passed matriculation examination and admitted to the Comilla women college. I got a place in women’s boarding house that was situated by the Ranir Dighi.

From the very first day in my boarding house I met this beautiful, kind lady and I called her Panna apa. She loved and protected us from all events. Soon she became our darling Panna Kaiser.

My class mate Rahima and I shared the room with Panna apa. Sharing with Panna apa filled my days with joy.

She loved songs and had a lovely melodious voice. Frequently got requests “Falgunee sing a song”. I duly compiled. Then she would sing Nahid Niazi’s Bengali song “Akasher oi mitimiti tara”.She used to recite with her forceful and emotional voice, poems from Tagore’s “Balaka”. Ravindranath Tagore’s “Sanchayita” was always by her side.
Among many thoughts one sentence I remembered in all my life was “Jeboner dhon kichui jabena fela ( জীবনের ধন কিছুই যাবেনা ফেলা) .”
In our hostel life, we did not have nice saaries and jewelleries. She loved dressing us up when we went out for any special occasions.
So much to remember! There was an unknown man used to sing, sitting by the Ranir Dighi at 10 pm. We would stopped our studies and sit by the window to listen to the songs. Lights were off in the second floor. We were safe from hostel superintendent because our Panna apa would keep an ear open for foot steps and tell us in time!
She was so vibrant and full of life. Deep down inside she was wounded but never allowed that to surface.
Falgunee has not lost her because every life she touched left an everlasting happy memory.