Rest in peace, beloved mayor!

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Rest in peace, beloved mayor!


Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun


Street lights are dim…the crowd of the mega city seems to be less too; the overall scenario is pale like the gloomy nature of winter. All of a sudden, Dhaka has changed its look for losing its smart parent, the most popular mayor AnisulHaq who is now a part of history. Few months ago, the city dwellers observed his bold steps one after another to develop Dhaka a smart city without caring the usurpers. He left a golden memory for the inhabitants of Dhaka by his strong personality, commitment and dedication within very short period of time, undoubtedly.

I’m really fortunate to enjoy his company in 2008 at the residence of this wonderful man. He was known as a successful business magnet of the society at that time. Before that, AnisulHaq won the heart of people mostly as a TV personality and I was his fan for nice anchoring and style. His way of talking had a different glamour with art that could easily attract the audience. I met this legend three times on several occasions and was amazed mainly by his smart approach and striking behavior. When I went to meet him at his residence to invite him in my family program, he spoke with me just like a friend, praised the design of my invitation card and accepted my invitation without any hesitation. I never imagined, one day this person would be the national figure being elected as a mayor and depart the world within nine years thereafter! In fact, his presence in my program was a memorable moment in my life. In 2013, I met him once again in white dress, looking like a prince at his office premises with a foreigner. Smile was common in his appearance adding a distinctive personality, indeed.

When he was elected as a mayor, I was bit surprised since may be for the first time I’ve observed a gentleman willingly joining politics. Because, politicians are mostly known figures in this field whereas Mr. Haq was well-known as a business magnet in the society. He might think of fulfilling his dreams joining in national politics. However, his success stories always pleased me like the other citizens for he showed us the way how to fight with the usurpers tactfully and win at the end. I watched his one inspirational speech in social media where he reveals his simplicity and determination, the characteristics that a true leader should have instead of showing power.

Within all limitations and threats, he showed us the courage for implementing the plans in developing Dhaka as a modern city. The late mayor proved the nation, a brave heart can face any challenge if he is honest and has willpower. In fact, his bold steps for making Dhaka a smart city should be lessons for future politicians and leaders as guidelines. Bangladesh badly needs a true leader like AnisulHaq, truly speaking.

At the end, Bangladesh not only lost a patriot, promising leader by the death of a legend like AnisulHaq, but also a good person in national politics. Persons like Mr. Haq are necessary for our nation to fulfil the dreams of our freedom fighters in 1971.

Rest in peace, beloved mayor!

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