Result sharing meeting held at Kamalgang

প্রকাশিত: ২:১৫ পূর্বাহ্ণ, জানুয়ারি ১২, ২০২১

Result sharing meeting held at Kamalgang

Special Correspondent :

A Result sharing meeting on Tomato TM 027 bumper yield of AR Malik Seed Company was held at Tilakpur village in Kamalganj of Moulvibazar district On January 10.

The meeting organised by AR Malik Seeds Madhabpur territory of the said corp company held in the corp field of Rajendra Kumar Singh, a tomato farmer of the said area.
The meeting with tomato farmer -TM-027 Kala Chand Singh was addressed by Md. Alauddin, local agriculture officer as chief guest, Md. Jamsad Ali, (Market Development) Area Manager Sylhet of the said company, Sub Assistants Agriculture officer Babatan Singh, Padma Mohon Singh, Dealer Syeed Saiful Ali, Aratdar Md. Amir Ali, Tomato farmer Brojendra Kunar Singh as special guests.

In the discussion meeting, TM 027 tomato growers said for all, AR Malik is selling 231 kg tomatoes in 70 to 75 days of seed TM 027 variety. He discussed in the meeting that he is getting taka 45 per kg in the first week, taka 40 per kg in the second week and now he is getting taka 36 per kg in the market. Tomatoes of other companies like Bari 4, Bari 8 are being sold at taka 26 to 30 per kg. Farmers also said that Bari 4 and Bari 8 were planted at the same time, but Still could not sell the fruit and the tree was diseased. On the other hand, TM 027 said that it is free from diseases. 6 to 7 tomatoes per kg. He will harvest another 4,000 kg from the TM 027 field, he told everyone present at the meeting. Everyone in and around the area is watching the tomato growers. Many tomato growers have expressed interest in cultivating this variety in the future.Sylhet AMMD discussed the characteristics, yield, purpose of this improved variety and discusses the differences between Assistant Farmer, Farmer, Storekeeper, Nurseryman, Dealer, and Tomato Farmer Brothers in Field Yield and Bari 4, Bari 8. The storekeeper, dealer discussed that this variety has improved in the market demand and the market demand has increased. In future, this variety will be widely cultivated in the area. Seeing all this, the farmer product of 027 is very profitable in the land where we are staying. I urge you all to cultivate this variety in the future. And thanks to AR Malik Seed for cultivating such an improved variety.