Silent Tears of Housewife

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Silent Tears of Housewife


Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun



“So, what do you do?” Few minutes silence…………. “Well, do you work?” The lady looks downward for she has no answer to these questions. What’s her crime? Surprisingly, she feels ashamed to reveal her identity as a housewife or homemaker in the so-called modern society.

Identity crisis of married ladies has become a big issue of concern nowadays. Hardly any person expresses her desire to be a housewife in future as found in a survey on unmarried women regarding their aim in life. There was a perception in the society- men for work, women for managing home. With the passage of time, this conservative notion has changed as women empowerment concept has become popular in Bangladesh. But, think about our parents, grand parents and their life style as we observed in our childhood. Our grandmother was quite happy to have our company and loved to serve the family members with delicious dishes; we also loved to spend time with our mother and grandmother while sharing and caring each other. Homemakers i.e. housewives were, therefore, the heart of the family once upon a time.

To the contrary,educated women are reluctant to stay at home while comparing with othersin this competitive world. Alike gentlemen, ladies are coming forward with their merit, potentiality and outlook. Why will they waste their time at home? ‘Boa’ or domestic servant is good enough and somewhat common to look after the kids, cooking and handling other household chores. Home is not only the place for women; men should equally contribute and take responsibility- this trend of the west is also the trend of this country today. Does it mean- homemakers of this time are doing offence staying at home? Engaging in paid job is 100% necessary?

Let’s give an example to clear thisissue. When Ani meets her relatives in family programs, everyone praises her mother for her choice in dress selection, smart appearance and what not! Ani’s mother is happy when she is appreciated for her sense of grooming both as a mother and homemaker. But whenever someone asks her regarding her profession, her face becomes gloomy; cloud covers her smile considering that without job or paid service, a woman can’t have an identity. At this stage, the working woman may feel contented considering her superior in status to some extent. It’s true that a homemaker can’t contribute in the national GDP, but no one can assess her contribution in terms of money. If you count hersincerity and sacrifice for her family members as well asdomestic affairs, she is no less than a working woman.

We salute those homemakers who are mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, wives and daughters for they love their family which is holier than the success in the professional life. Probably, a happy woman is she who loves to see smile in the face of her child or family at the end of the day.

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