Some abusers who trying to destabilise using religious sentiment

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Some abusers who trying to destabilise using religious sentiment

Some abusers who trying to destabilise using religious sentiments.

Sangram Datta: A section of fanatic groups has become desperate to provoke a wave of unrest in various places of the country through religious sermons at different gatherings and uploading contents hurting the religious sentiments on facebook.
Even some speakers in the religious gathering shew some people falsely converted to another faith and hurts another faith, Some social media reported this.
Their aim is to create an anarchy spreading religious sentiments, loot the valuables, ransack the houses and religious infrastructures, violate & convert the women forcefully , grab the land properties and compel those section to sell their property like cheaper price.

As part of their conspiracy, the evil forces in last year hacked a facebook account of a Hindu man in Bhola and posted derogatory remarks on the social media.

The pejorative comments sparked a series of clashes between a mob and law enforcers in the coastal district in last year leaving four people dead and over 100 injured.

Using the same tactic, a vested quarter unleashed violent attacks on homes and business establishments of the minority Hindu community people in Nasirnagar of Brahmanbaria in 2016.

A communal violence also took place in Ramu of Cox’s Bazar in 2012 over a facebook status.

In the last move to destablise the country, the plotters hacked the facebook account of the Hindu fisherman in Bhola and posted comments that triggered a violent clashes.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) also conducted an inquiry into the Nasirnagar incident and found conspiracy of a vested quarter.
Many local people being misled by conspirators took part in attacks on properties of people of minority communities.

Those incidents were the similar findings.

The Intelligentsia think, the design that has been planned to destabilise the country by the bigoted groups.

There are plotters behind the incidents of Ramu, Pabna, Nasirnagar, Rangpur and last Bhola. Those incidents took place by using religious sentiment in the planned ways.

A section of those groups spreads unauthentic and provocative religious sermons which may mislead the people to create the violence.
This is the high time to stop those groups and this would be better to examine their sermons by the related scholars or Experts as some of those speech like In the rhythm of songs, rhetoric like he met Ball Gades instead of pronouncing name of Bill Gates, selected best teacher for three times in the Oxford University and what not.

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