Tea production increases in the country

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Tea production increases in the country

Swapan Kumar Singh,

The reputation of the taste and smell of Bangladeshi tea was , once, unique in the international market of tea. But tea could not hold it’s global market in the evolution of time in the world market . this year tea production has increased in the country.

Sources said that at least 134 tea estates in the Sylhet division out of 164 tea gardens in the country.
About 48 tea gardens are located in Srimangal of Sylhet Division.
Most of the tea produced in Sylhet tea gardens was exported to abroad. As a result, the name of Tea of Sylhet was very well known in the international market as Bangladeshi tea brand. The tea was exported to various countries including United Kingdom, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Greece, Cyprus, Pakistan and other countries.
The export was reduced as the production of tea was reduced due to various adverse in the country since 1984. As a result, the world market lost reputation of Sylheti Tea.

According to various sources, the tea industry in this current year could produce about 90 million KG of tea exceeding the target which will be a the highest record in the history of tea production in the country in last 165 years.
The tea production has yet increased more than 20 percent so far, which is expected to rise to almost double production target of expectation within a few years.
According to Tea Board sources, a total of 54.87 million kg of tea was produced in the country during this time last year. At this time of this year, the production of 65.93 million kg of tea is possible to produced which is still ahead of the last year at a rate of 20.17 percent.

Sources said that the government has taken various programs to implement the development of the tea industry.
the government has adopted the ‘Tea Act’ with the concept of ‘Development Guide: Bangladesh Tea Industry. The project has been taken to make plantations in large and small tea estates for the production. In this, the tea industry will be transformed on a sustainable basis by expanding tea production to 140 million kg in the country by 2025 and along with this expanding tea cultivation and improving the quality of life of the tea labourers.
If the development program is implemented , it is expected to restore the previous reputation of tea as Sylheti Tea’ in the world market.

Swapan Kumar Singh, journalist

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