The poetry canvas of Kamrul Hassan

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The poetry canvas of Kamrul Hassan

Soumitra Dev


The poetry canvas of Kamrul Hassan is wide and multi-dimensional. Love, nature, people, state, death, Earth, Universe – all aspects of creation are reflected in his own style through the prism of his poetry. Although he is romantic in his feelings, but his observations are modern, sometimes those become a part of post-modern doctrine.

His poetry has taken turns on several occasions because he is an experimentalist poet. His poetry is neither meaninglessly abstract, nor meritless flat. As he aspires to make every line of a poem sounds poetic, hence he has faith on the traditional figure of speech used in poetry. He believes that poetry is different both from colloquial language and prose. His poetry is indirect and enriched with philosophical thoughts. Although he writes mostly in free verse, an inner rhythm of meter may not be hard to find. For the last few years he has been writing rhymed quartets.


Kamrul Hassan was born on 22 December, 1961 in Shariatpur a district in Southern part of Bangladesh. He lost his father at an early age. Kamrul spent his boyhood and adolescent years in the education-friendly environment of his maternal uncles’ house. He was an extraordinarily brilliant student in his early academic life. He did his graduation in engineering and then studied masters of business administration. Although he is a poet of the 80s, his fist book of poem Shohoshro Kokiler Griba was published in 1991. So far, in total, he has 14 books of poems; in 2012 his Selected Poems have been published. Besides poetry Kamrul Hassan also writes short stories, and articles; he also profusely translate foreign literature from English to Bangla and vice versa. His book of essays Prohorer Prostabona was published in 2015. His recent interest surrounds travel writings and he has already written 5 travelogues on his journeys to United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Australia and Inda.

Kamrul Hassan has attended a number of Literary Festivals home and abroad. He has received several laurels from various literary forums, one from Pentasi B, a global forum of poets, and another from Nepal Interantaional Festival for Literature. He teaches management and marketing courses at university level. For the last 14 years he has been teaching at East West University. He lives in Dhaka with spouse and four children.

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