When Conferences Make You Think Differently

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When Conferences Make You Think Differently

Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun

In the academic world, we have many ways to upgrade our skills and remain updated by attending training programs, seminars and workshops. Perhaps, one of the most effective scopes for developing and sharpening both knowledge and professional skills is attending conferences, be it local or international. Experiences that are shared in this type of events are fruitful for enriching practical knowledge in presence of the specialists in the related field. Conference is, thus, a gathering of scholars, novice researchers, intellectuals and interested participants.

Under one umbrella, mostly people from the similar interest make the events more colorful and enjoyable. There is a festive atmosphere all around where the participants and presenters share views with one another in various events. It is, therefore, a platform for the individuals opening doors of new thoughts or clearing some confusions. Again, conference is an ideal place to meet the friends of academic life as well as the old colleagues after a long interval. It becomes a memorable occasion with thrilling feelings when someone keeps hand on shoulder all of a sudden saying “what’s up, bro! Haven’t got your news for a long time”?

The main objective of a conference in the academic field is to discuss new ideas, experiments and initiatives through formal presentation sessions. So, it creates a win-win situation between researchers and participants by diverse activities. It not only contributes in creating a hub among academicians, but also makes the people think about their current practices and future prospects on different issues.

People involved in arranging conferences are really courageous and deserve whole-hearted appreciation for successful initiative. From the planning to clearing the venue at the end, they are responsible for all sorts of pains. For any international conference, the liabilities are even more since the organizing committee needs to consider the comforts of their foreign participants along with their security issue. Interestingly, the participants of the conference are mostly carefree like the guests of any event, and therefore, can enjoy the fruits of all the hurdles of the organisers. They attend the sessions, listens to the speakers, enjoy the delicious refreshments and return home with conference kits and fresh experience. However, the intelligent participants are those who can utilize the brilliant concepts discussed by the specialists in the respective fields with significant research findings and recommendations.

Needless to mention, the presenters are the main attraction of the events in a conference. They are also lucky in a sense that they can experiment the worth of their innovative ideas sharing with the present audience, at the same time amend their flaws in methodology or findings if there is any. Sometimes, it is a threatening issue to present in front of the conscious audience where the presenters can be challenged by the participants in the question-answer session. For this reason, it is important to anticipate the correct answers of the probable questions and be well-prepared before presenting in a conference. Because, we are living in such a smart world where anyone can be easily confronted for delivering wrong information due to the blessings of internet. As a result, no one can easily make others fool by incomplete and wrong theory based on individual hypothesis. The information shared by the presenters should be well-organised, interesting, innovative as well as easy to understand by the audience. If the hypothesis of the presenter is not well-proved, it is better to refrain from presenting in a mega event like conference.

In fine, academicians from all disciplines should try to attend conferences as a part of training and self-development. The management of educational institutions should also encourage and support the conference participants in case of handsome registration fees, esp. in international events. In fact, people get the golden opportunity to get acquainted with latest innovation attending conferences periodically. It is also a great platform to create and expand networks among the professionals from various fields.

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October 2023