Why Cox’s Bazar is Better than Bangkok

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Why Cox’s Bazar is Better than Bangkok


                                      Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun 


‘Hey man, you’re crazy! With the cost of Cox’s Bazar, it is possible to visit India, Thailand easily’- this is a common perception of many Bangladeshis who consider the tour expense is higher in Bangladesh in comparison to other countries. First of all, you don’t need the hassle of passport, visa, dollar endorsement, custom clearance, immigration formalities to visit our local tourist spots. Next, tourism of Bangladesh can’t be neglected comparing with other countries just by the issue of tour expense.

Fortunately, I got the chance to visit many tourist attractions of Bangladesh in ‘budget trip’, also visited Cox’s Bazar on weekends of 16 December, 2017. By this chance, I got to know the current development of tourism sector in Bangladesh as far as the service and cost are concerned. In my recent trip, I was bit surprised while travelling from Dhaka to Chittagong by a luxurious bus with complementary buffet dinner facilities on the way. Within the foggy weather, that bus moved slowly, but we reached our destination comfortably within scheduled time by the grace of Almighty. It was like a daydream for any tourist since Bangladeshi bus drivers in long route consider themselves as Formula I racers while driving on streets.

Entering Cox’s Bazar by private transport, the security issue in the luxurious hotel at Kolatoli point surprised me once again. I found the whole atmosphere absolutely of international standard including food, accommodation and other facilities desired by any tourist. However, it took long time to check-in and check-out that could be improved in future. The best part of the stay at hotel might be watching the beach view from the balcony along with healthy breakfast. I believe, the mentality of Bangladeshi tourists can be easily changed if they experience the hospitality of good hotels and resorts in our popular tourist destinations. Our local tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the international flavor if they spend handsome amount in standard accommodations which might be expensive, but good enough to enjoy vacation instead of praising abroad.

Winter is the season when people gather in Cox’s Bazar, especially with family. It is also a tourist destination for newly-wed couples and tour companies offer many lucrative packages for them. Like professional tourists, it is, therefore, a wise decision to plan ahead before visiting this place. As usually, maximum hotels and resorts are booked by tourists and different companies for annual meetings, conferences and likewise arrangements. It is better to avoid weekends and national holidays if you desire to enjoy the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin all of a sudden. Naturally, nobody likes crowd in a tranquil atmosphere, especially while spending time with near and dear ones.


Within last few years, Cox’s Bazar was developed rapidly where even a private university has been established. Instead of staying at the heart of the city, it is better to stay at places that are bit away from the crowd. I always prefer Himchari to Kolatoli point to enjoy the charms of Cox’s Bazar. This time, we enjoyed our best time at Mermaid resort during sunset on 16 December, 2017. In natural atmosphere the whole resort was developed where tourists can spend even a week with family, enjoy lavish food that they guess are only available in foreign countries and five-star hotels. I think the flavor of Thailand can be experienced in this type of resorts in our country. I’m also happy to see many foreigners in Cox’s Bazar during my short stay. They are probably in official tour for recent Rohingya issue.


Finally, it is a matter of regret that we are proud of our natural beauty and resources but the wonderful arrangements and facilities at our tourist spots are not properly highlighted to the tourists. That’s why, people have poor perception regarding our local attractions and rush to foreign spots. In fact, we have a fascination for foreign people, goods as well as their all other aspects. However, my suggestion is that if you have a big wallet and substantial time, patience to search and plan properly, you can also enjoy the charm of Bandarban, Sylhet, Saint Martin and other famous tourist destinations of Bangladesh in your dream trip. Even you spend some more penny here, ultimately you are contributing for flourishing the tourism sector of your country instead of spending abroad.