women’s uprising day observes on December -12.

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women’s uprising day observes on December -12.

Swanpan kumar singh :

30 anniversary of Nupi Lan ( Women’s War) was observed at Ramnagar manipuri para in Srimangal upazila of Moulvibazar district on December -12.

Manipuri women’s social development organization ( MWSDO), an organisation of indigenous manipuri community observed Nupi Lan (Women’s war) on December -12 to pay tributes to gallant women who raised their voices and fought against the autocratic policies of the British in the Monipur state of India.

The first Nupi Lan broke out in 1904 against an order of the British administration that asked for engaging male folks of the Monipur state as forced labourers. The women protested against the decision.
The second Nupi Lan took place on December 12, 1939, when legions of women revolted against the artificial scarcity of rice and its export from Manipur.

Honouring women’s courage displayed in the two uprisings, The Manipuri people who live in Srimangal started observing of Nupi Lan from 1990 A.D.
The observation program scheduled a day long discussion session especially in the evening by cultural functions and drama related to historical grounds of Nupi Lan.
A good number of Manipuri social and intellectuals from the country and abroad participate in the program.
L VeerJeet Singh & Sri Moti kunjo Rani Devi, president all monipuri Humans Valle notary from Manipur State in India presented the musical songs using only one instrumental named Peno in the world.